Looking for brilliance

You have to look up to see brightness. There are always going to be brighter days ahead, but sometimes it is hard to look up, when you look around you and see nothing but everything going to shit. Cars break down, appliances go on the fritz and in general- things go wrong. But sometimes bad things happen for a reason.

Depending on the situation when things go wrong, what happens is you are pretty much forced to grit you teeth, dig down and find a way to fix it. You either wallow in the shit or fight your way to the top.  Sure we may throw ourselves the Royal Ball of pity parties, but how long can that last? How many times can you spin the same old worn out record before it breaks or people get tired of hearing it?

At some time or another, we have all had the best laid plans go completely awry. Things were going smoothly, better than ever and all of a sudden the rug is pulled out from under us. While it is nerve racking at the time, unsettling at others, it is the much needed darkness which allows our light to shine it’s brightest. Embrace it and blind everyone. Fireworks don’t show up too well at noon.

By set your stars

Look to the stars

I know a woman who is very outgoing, very personable and successful in her field. She is a bit older than I am, but not by much. She does not often accept “No” for an answer and when given the opportunity, seizes things in her resources and blasts forward.  She generally moves of her own free will to set the course for others to follow. The stakes are generally high as she is not afraid to make her wishes known, nor back down if she is challenged.

I know this woman, but I do not call her my friend, for I have seen the truth and reality behind the facade she puts forth.  I know things, many may not wish to confront. To each their own, birds of a feather and like be-gets like. I do not choose to be associated with people of that kind. Do I need to speak ill of her to feel better about myself? No. But one thing she said long ago, has held with me to this day. Three simple words, “Change your stars.”

Nothing in life is secure, nothing is set in stone. People may often promise you things, but the follow through is where their true character lies. Some people have fabulous stories, but many times that is all they are. And when you check the ‘best used by’ date on them, there is a lot to be desired.

This woman has also claimed to be a shooting star at times. All fine and good, but the problem I have with that? Shooting stars burn out, their light fades and eventually, they fall. Is that what I want? Would anyone reasonably choose to accept that? Am I setting out to shine now and later fail?  If it suits you in life to ever be a flash in the pan, followed by a ‘has been’, then by all means claim your shooting star status. You may find the line is long.

The shorter line is reserved for those of us who tend to look at the bigger picture, the war, not the battles.  We set our sights on the stars we want to hit and often find we don’t look down or back.  Not everyone has to know our name, see our face splashed across the media to know we are a star. We can shine just as brightly in our own realm as they choose to across several. Because our area of focus is smaller, our light tends to be stronger and brighter. Shine on!

By set your stars